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Post by SiH on Tue 13 Jan 2009, 19:53

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Yay, it's finished Very Happy
I have a lot of gifs, but i'm too lazy to make Wink
HF blackeye

CP's (only)

(I know it's a lot of bugs, but it's hard to delete them.)

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Post by Seadevil on Tue 13 Jan 2009, 20:06

hehe if you want , you can send me the edited replays so all i have to do is press ingame video capture and then i can convert them into gif and send you them


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Post by bennnnnnn on Sun 01 Feb 2009, 00:57

Le serveur Newmapfree se dote d'une petite playlist pour rattraper le temps perdu (trop de map en attente).
Cette map est donc up sur le tep newmapfree, have fun Wink.

The Newmapfree server got a small playlist because i'm late with tracks (to much track late).
This track is up on the Newmapfree, Have fun Wink.

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